About Nursing Homes Ireland

Nursing Homes Ireland is the representative organisation for Ireland’s private and voluntary nursing home sector. The sector, and the care our members provide, are of fundamental and critical importance to the Irish health service.

The immense contribution they are making in Irish communities and healthcare are evident from the following. Such homes:

  • Provide care for 22,000 residents
  • Account for 80% of all long term care beds in the country, and,
  • Employ more than 24,000 staff

NHI’s vision is to advance the environment in which care services provided by our members achieve the highest quality of life for residents.

Members of NHI are committed to:

  • Maintain and enhance the quality of life of residents
  • Preserve the autonomy of residents, guarantee free expression of opinion and freedom of choice
  • Maintain a safe physical and emotional environment
  • Ensure that the privacy and dignity of residents is respected
  • Be an employer of choice and provide continuous professional development and training

It is our goal to ensure everyone who chooses a nursing home for the next step in their lives experiences a safe, happy, caring and fulfilling environment.

The wide-ranging services provided by NHI to its Members supports them in achieving best practice in care provision for high dependency persons who require nursing home care.

On an ongoing basis Members are provided with specialist and expert clinical advice, key information pertaining to the delivery of long-term residential care, guidance and support.

Education informs Members of best practice in care delivery and resources are made available through NHI to support them in the operation and running of their nursing home.

NHI’s sustained lobbying and public affairs activity is focussed upon requirement to create a framework that will place private and voluntary nursing homes in communities across Ireland on a sustainable footing. The organisation has informed a body of independent research that has advanced the necessity for fees payable to recognise the true costs incurred to provide nursing home care. It continues to push for the required changes in the Fair Deal funding model to place Ireland’s private and voluntary nursing home sector on a sustainable footing.

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