Tips on how to enhance your application

How to Enhance your Application – some helpful hints and tips!

On behalf of the judging panel I am delighted that you are considering an application to the NHI Awards.
The awards are an important way of publically celebrating the excellent and innovative work that happens in nursing homes all over Ireland.

The judging panel are keen to help applicants to have every chance of success in the awards and in particular to help applicants increase their potential of success in the selection process. To that end, we offer you the following helpful tips:

Things to do

  • Whatever the award category you are applying for please make sure that your application explicitly addresses the criteria set out against the particular category. As members of the judging panel we can only judge what is written down.
  • Please identify the specific points/reasons why you or the person you are nominating deserves the award. The panel need to see that the nominated person is genuinely innovative and extending beyond their usual expected role.
  • Don’t be modest! This is your chance to shine or to help someone else to shine, so make sure you tell us the full story.
  • Use specific examples as these really help us to get a ‘feel’ for the work and the innovative nature of the person/the work.
  • Whilst we ask you not to be modest, we would also ask you to be concise – a lengthy application does not increase your chances of success, but a well crafted, well worded application with specific examples works really well.

Things not to do

  • Do not write lengthy general stories that don’t directly relate to the award criteria. As members of the judging panel we are not in a position to make assumptions about how the content relats to the criteria.
  • Do not include content that is not directly relevant to the award being applid for, it is very off-putting to the reader and makes judging the quality of the application more difficult.
  • Do not include lengthy attached documents (appendices). The decision about who or what initiative is shortlisted is based on the quality of the nomination statement and no amount of extra evidence will compensate for a poorly written statement.

If you are resubmitting a previously submitted initiative or application please make sure you update you application to show new initiative or procedures added since the previous application.

We hope these hints and tips are helpful to you and we wish you every success with your application

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